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Amber is a natural and very beautiful substance renowned for its colour and translucence and is used especially in jewellery. It is the fossilized resin of conifers and if heated it becomes soft and will eventually burn. In particular, Baltic amber is between 35 to 45 million years old and is found along the shores as well as on the bed of the Baltic Sea, and is also extracted from mines in the same region, an area which extends into Scandinavia and Russia.

At least 250 different hues of amber have been counted, from yellow, orange, red and white to darker shades, even including green, blue and "black", and it can be clear or opaque. Baltic amber is distinctive because of the high level of succinic acid and its wide range of colours.

Amber has always been considered very valuable as an ornamental material and has been used a lot in jewellery, being also found in the archeological sites of many cultures and in many countries ranging from Mycenae to the Neolithic sites of Denmark and Bronze age England. In general, amber also occurs in Latin America, Mexico, Indonesia and other places worldwide.

In the past it was believed that amber had mystical and magical properties, and in different cultures it was used to make both talismans and medicinal remedies. In Mexico it is still used nowadays to protect children from "the evil eye". and even in recent times fresh evidence of its beneficial and medicinal qualities continues to be discovered.

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